What’s this blog all about?

Greetings all!

My name is Abhinav Sharma. I live in Surat, India.

I remember the days when I started solving programming questions on online judges. There wasn’t so much solving  as there was getting frustrated  over Time Limit Exceeded, Run Time error and Wrong Answer verdicts. Over time I gradually understood how my solution should look like before I submitted it; It should strictly adhere to the input and output format specified by the problem statement, it shouldn’t include non standard header files, it should contains a ‘ return 0; ‘ statement at the end,… .( The last one really got me worked up!).

This blog is dedicated to the programmers who are in this beginning phase and for anyone who wants to learn new algorithms that are useful in programming competitions.

Solving some programming problems requires the use of some efficient algorithm or special data structure. If you try to solve them without using these special techniques, you might get the dreaded ‘Time Limit Exceeded’ (TLE) verdict. Or you might not be able to solve them at all.

There are some algorithms that are very frequently used in programming competitions. Approximately every week  I will introduce one such algorithm on this blog, along with an online source where you can read about it. I’ll also post a problem statement related to that algorithm so that you guys can implement it on an actual problem ( or I may give a link to a related problem on an online judge).
If you face any problem in understanding the concept or in getting your solution accepted on an online judge, you may post your questions here. Your questions will be answered!